Fixedopjobs.com was launched in January 2011 and posted over 400 jobs in the first year. For over 16 years, Stephen K. Merritt has  established strong relationships with hundreds of automotive dealers, service managers, service directors, service advisors, service consultants and parts managers. Fixedopjobs.com specializes in Automotive employment help wanted search for auto jobs! Fixedopjobs.com has helped many fixed operations departments find a good mechanic, parts manager, detailer, porter, body shop manager and other positions. Most importantly, we have put many good people back to work in America.

Fixedopjobs.com’s networking power and relationships derive from years of experience in Automotive Marketing and advertising The power of networking has worked extremely well nation-wide in the automotive industry. Currently, hundreds of dealers work with Fixedopjobs.com and that number is expanding daily. Fixedopjobs.com has become an open source community to Fixed Operations Professionals Nation Wide.

Dealerships need good people and in this economy, people need an automotive job. We are a resource to the Automotive Job community and we hope that you will view this website as a great resource and pass it on. Automotive employment help wanted search for auto jobs!

New Automotive Careers are posted daily, and new resources are always being added to help you market a better job ad, market your service department, or to help you update your resume and more.

Are you looking for Automotive Technicians?

No longer do you need to go through resumes of unqualified candidates! We screen every resume so you don’t have too. Spare yourself the headaches of auto job recruitment. Then, spend your valuable time interviewing and hiring qualified individuals.

Thank you!

Stephen K. Merritt

Fixedopjobs.com –  Phone: 708-770-8230  Fax: 877-365-6590

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